“Tsil Busats” Children’s Harmonious Development Centre

In fall 1994, a most difficult time for Armenia both from economic and spiritual point of view, a centre for the youth was established in Yerevan  and was later named “Tsil Busats”. To this date,the Centre is headed by the musician, pianist and Art Therapist Armenuhi Martirosyan. At that timeone of the main goals was to counter the daily struggles of life and raise resilient individuals who would be in harmony with their selves.

As years went by, life came back to normal, while the problems that children were facing remained. Moreover, it became clear that this problem was not confined to Armenia only. It was rather a universal issue. Nowadays a child is being exposed to a lot of “attacks” (television, computer, unstable state of parents, their unavailability, etc.) to an extent that it is essential  to bring the child’s inner world to  to a harmonious state  in order to withstand those attacks.

The Centre continued its activities using  innovative methods, thus changing its nature and by becoming the cornerstone of A.Martirosyan’s special methodology.

Today it can be stated that the methodology works for groups of different ages, as well as for children with issues (hyperactivity, autism) and adults (the methodology was tested in the Rehabilitation Centre of Sevan Mental Health Clinic).

15 years later a new idea was genereated: to establish a branch outside the city. The location was chosen in the village Dsegh, Lori region, which is the birthplace of the famous Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan and is known for its wonderful nature.

The branch of the centre will carry out multifunctional activities.

1.1  Offer the children an opportunity to be closer to the nature during the summer months, work the land, and learn different crafts in the workshops of the branch:  pottery, wood-working, carpet-weaving and other crafts.
1.2 We also aim to build a local staff of specialists and this will enable Tsil Busats centre to be open for the children of Lori round the year.

Undoubtedly, one of the main problems in the world remains the upbringing and education of children. Today psychologists and teachers raise the issue of applying a new approach to values and revise the children’s psychology system. New types of schools are being established everywhere. Many conferences and seminars are organized in an attempt to find solutions to the above mentioned problems. Participation in such  events has brought up a new idea:  constructing  a branch of the Centre in Lori, with a facility  for organizing conferences. These conferences would provide an impetus and experience in the field of child eduacation.

We are hopeful that the establishment of Lori branch of  Tsil Busats Centre will positively contribute to the development of Armenuhi Martirosyan’s, the founding director’s  methodology  and will enable knowledge-sharing among Armenian and foreign pedagogues.