A few words about the methodology, although it is impossible to fully describe it in a few sentences.

The core aspect of the methodology is to awaken the inner potential of the human through the collective energy of art, which is very important especially in the young age. Considering the fact that today’s world is plagued by an illness called “lost meaning of life” (noogenic neurosis) which was recently renamed “lost vital power”, the roots of which lie in the wrong education of children by the age of 14, the methodology is attempting to correct those mistakes as well. The attention of the Centre’s leader as well as teachers is centered around the proper upbringing and spiritual development of the young generation, since our future depends upon them.

During each session the group listens to  a fairy tale, a legend or a story, appropriate for the age of the group members. Then they listen to music chosen to suit the story and to mature the need to express their inner world in colors, or create clay sculptures or demonstrate gestures. The children are taught not only to “hear” the music, but also to “see” it. Thus, by the end of the session children are relieved from tension, and after a while they create masterpieces, as some experts put it. The same themes take on many others forms as well, such as poetry and theatre. While studying, the children get acquainted with the cultures and arts of different civilizations. One of the main pillars of the methodology is the importance of interaction with nature. The lessons are often organized in the countryside. Field trips are organized every week. It is a known fact that it is very important for children living in the city to interact with nature’s vital powers. The trips are accompanied with stories and music.

The methodology of the Centre was presented in numerous exhibitions and seminars in a number of countries (Armenia, Russia, USA, Sweden, Cyprus, Iran, Germany, Syria, Lebanon) and gained the attention of many scholars.